Jean Rivière

Jean Rivière is an assistant professor at IGARUN (Institute of Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Nantes) and a member of the “Espaces et Sociétés” (ESO) research unit (UMR CNRS 6590). His research lies in the field of social geography, and more specifically the study of the spatial dimension of inequalities and power relationships. His work examines the social reconfigurations under way in (peri-)urban environments and the electoral behaviours that are expressed in these settings.

He recently coordinated a series of articles for Métropolitiques, in 2017, titled “Élections présidentielles : les votes des grandes villes françaises au microscope” (“Presidential Elections: The French Urban Vote Under the Microscope”) and a thematic issue of L’Espace politique, in 2014, titled “Géographie et sociologie électorales : duel ou duo ?” (“Electoral Geography and Sociology: Duel or Duo?”). More generally, he strives to develop links between geography, sociology and political science in the field of electoral analysis.

See online : <multi> [fr]Sa page sur le site web de l’université de Nantes [en]His page (in French) on the University of Nantes website</multi>

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