Laure Pitti

Laure Pitti is an assistant professor at Paris‑8 University and a member of the Cultures et Sociétés Urbaines section of the Centre de Recherches Sociologiques et Politiques de Paris (CRESPPA–CSU; Paris Center for Sociological and Political Research – Urban Cultures and Societies). Her research lies at the intersection of the social history of work, political sociology, and the sociology of health, and initially focused on the racialization processes of (post)colonial immigration in the automotive industry during the “Trente Glorieuses” (the “Thirty Glorious Years” of economic growth in France from 1945 to 1975), before turning to the question of occupational health. Since 2012, she has been working on social inequalities in health, primary care, and the metamorphosis of social medicine. Her publications include an issue of Agone on health and inequalities, which she co‑edited with Maud Gelly and Baptiste Giraud, titled “Quand la santé décuple les inégalités” (no. 58, 2016).

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