Is Rationing Carbon for Travel a Fair, Efficient, and Realistic Solution?

Friday 26 November 2021

In the wake of the pandemic, a carbon tax at Europe’s borders is now on the agenda, but a domestic version for France, aimed at individual travel, is also likely to enter the national debate ahead of the 2022 presidential election. Experts and economists are not willing to give up on this idea. CO2 emissions from transport keep increasing and no one can see how they can be curbed. But is it possible to discuss a carbon tax again after the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Jackets) protests that it previously provoked in France, especially at a time when energy prices are rising spectacularly, putting serious pressure on the purchasing power of low-income households? Would rationing carbon-based travel be a more radical but also fairer alternative?

See online : the Mobiles Lives Forum

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