Françoise de Barros

Françoise de Barros is a lecturer in sociology at the Université Paris-8 and a researcher at CRESSPA (Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris – Paris Centre for Sociological and Political Research) within the CSU (Cultures et sociétés urbaines – Urban Cultures and Societies) team. She has carried out research into the categorisation of foreigners by French municipalities, which has in particular made it possible to highlight the importance of housing policies in relation to Algerian colonisation in these categorisation processes. This link led her to begin research into specific categories of colonial personnel, namely the body of administrators of the Algerian civil service. Her published work includes a series of articles (coordinated jointly with Tom Charbit) entitled “La colonie rapatriée” in the journal Politix in 2006 (issue no. 76).

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