Luis Santos y Ganges

Luis Santos y Ganges (born in 1962 in Zamora, Spain) is a geographer, urban planner and a specialist in mobility issues. He teaches town and country planning at the University of Valladolid school of architecture and he carries out research at the university’s school of urban planning. His considerable knowledge of the railway sector stems from 20 years’ work for RENFE (Spanish Rail), as well as his persevering, even solitary, independent research on various functional, regional and urban aspects of the railway.

His publications to date include Urbanismo y ferrocarril. La construcción del espacio ferroviario en las ciudades medias españolas (Madrid: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles, 2007) and Burgos y el ferrocarril. Estudio de geografía urbana (Burgos: Editorial Dossoles, Junta de Castilla y León and Fundación Caja Burgos, 2005).

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