Frédéric Léonhardt

Frédéric Léonhardt is an urban planner and former urban political project director. He now works for the ANRU (National Urban Renewal Agency), coordinating urban renewal projects in the Val-de-Marne département in the inner Paris suburbs. He participated in the deliberations on Grand Paris as a member of the Castro team (on housing, neighborhoods and mobility) and in the 4D association’s public debates about Arc Express and Grand Paris. Frédéric Léonhardt has published various articles in the journals Urbanisme; Ville, Rail et Transports; and Études Foncières.

His published articles on public transportation include:
- "La bataille du rail", Urbanisme, November 2008;
- "Les transports, enfin pilotes de l’urbanisation ?", Ville, Rail et Transports, July 15, 2009;
- "Matrix City contre métropole fédérée", Urbanisme, November 2009.

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