Annalisa Lendaro

Annalisa Lendaro is a research fellow in political sociology at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) based at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University and the CERTOP research unit (Centre d’Étude et de Recherche Travail, Organisation, Pouvoir – Center for the Study and Research of Work, Organization and Power; UMR CNRS 5044). Her main interests are migration policies, their application in border territories and their effects on migrants and their supporters. Using ethnographic methods, her studies attempt to shed light on the processes of circumvention of the law and the uses of discretionary power. Annalisa Lendaro is the coordinator of the ANR (French National Research Agency) research project DisPow (2018–2021), a collective project that seeks to study the forms and effects of state discretionary power at three French borders: in the Calais region in northern France; the area between Ventimiglia, Bardonecchia, Briançon and Nice on the Italian border; and the Basque border between Bayonne and Irun.

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