Collectif Rosa Bonheur

Collectif Rosa Bonheur is a collective composed of five assistant professors of sociology from the University of Lille, who are all members of the Clersé joint research unit (Centre Lillois d’Études et de Recherches Sociologiques et Économiques – Lille Center for Sociological and Economic Studies and Research; UMR CNRS 8019): Anne Bory, José Angel Calderon, Blandine Mortain, Juliette Verdière and Cécile Vignal. Their fields of expertise include urban issues, housing, work, mobilization, education, and families, and the research conducted by the collective since 2011 combines these different approaches. Yoan Miot, an assistant professor of urban planning (University of Paris – LATTS), is the co‑author of a number of the collective’s articles as well as certain chapters of its recent book, published in September 2019 by Éditions Amsterdam.

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