Samuel Challéat

Samuel Challéat is a geographer and urban planner by training, and currently an interdisciplinary contract researcher within the joint research unit LISST (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Solidarités, Sociétés, Territoires – Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Research on Solidarities, Societies and Territories; UMR CNRS 5193; Toulouse‑2 Jean Jaurès University). He is the coordinator of the research group Collectif RENOIR (Ressources Environnementales Nocturnes et Territoires – Nocturnal Environmental Resources and Territories), which he co‑founded in 2013, and is the author of a PhD thesis in geography (defended in 2010) on the emerging problem of light pollution (« Sauver la nuit ». Empreinte lumineuse, urbanisme et gouvernance des territoires). This thesis explores changes in the production and governance of urban lighting in view of new environmental and economic concerns. Today, his research focuses on the analysis if collective area-based action to protect and enhance the night-time environment.

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