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Metropolitics needs your support!

Dear readers,
Dear friends of Metropolitics,

As Metropolitics (together with its French sister journal Métropolitiques) prepares to celebrate its 10th birthday—at a time when questions of coexistence and the preservation of our planet require clear thinking more than ever—our journal urgently needs your financial support in order to continue to exist, to grow, and to explore urban and spatial issues further each day.

Since November 2010, and have sought to lead and accompany public debate on these questions in the US, France, and beyond. This venture was something of a gamble: we believed it was possible to make scientific debate accessible to all (free of charge), to encourage better dialogue between researchers, practitioners and specialists from different disciplines, and to move beyond sterile dichotomies and contribute to positive changes in the world in which we live. Your comments, contributions, and continued loyalty have proven that the wager has paid off!

Our site statistics show that tens of thousands of you visit the website each month and participate in the life of the journal. Every year, over a hundred articles are published in English and French, generating millions of page views, with each article typically read and shared between 10,000 and 70,000 times. The importance of spatial, territorial and urban issues has never been clearer, and we are proud to enable you to join in these debates by contributing to or sharing our publications.

This site exists and thrives thanks to the unpaid commitment of the 22 members of the editorial board in the US and their 30 or so counterparts in France. Its day-to-day operation, however, would not be possible without the work of three editorial secretaries—two in Paris and one in New York—who manage the website, edit and publish articles, translate and publish papers, liaise and coordinate with authors, and more. A number of public and private partners have supported us over the last 10 years, and for this we are incredibly grateful; however, this support is not enough to sustainably guarantee Metropolitics’ continued existence, and thus its ability to lead the debate on cities, spaces and territories in a way that is editorially independent and entirely free of charge.

To ensure Metropolitics enters its 11th year in the best possible shape, enabling it to continue to drive urban debate, and extend its scope to new places and new explorations, we need you! Make a donation to Metropolitics!

The Editorial Board

Note: if you pay taxes in France, your donation is eligible for an income-tax reduction (of 66%)—which means that if you give €15, it will ultimately only cost you €5; if you give €45, it will only cost you €15. And, of course, even if you don’t pay French income tax, you can still make a donation, for however much or little you like!

Businesses that pay taxes in France can also benefit from a reduction (of 60%)—so if you make a donation of €500, the real cost will be just €200; if you donate €2,000, it will ultimately cost you just €800, etc.

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